Friday, 10 July 2020

Wanna Feel Sexy..? Watch Yourself Naked.

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"Hey pretty girl..", Tori beckoned at herself while she walked past her bedroom mirror from the shower.
"You are so beautiful 😍", she said to herself as she dropped the towel and admired her bare self.
"Damn sis! I see you packing 'em curves! Twerk that girl", she complimented herself as she did a dutty whine.
"Check out your beautiful, glowy skin! And your smile lights up the world! I love you girl! 😘" she exclaimed as she blew her reflection a kiss
Ever since Tori started watching herself in her birthday suit, she's been really taking good care of herself.
Her skin care routine has become part of her daily schedule. She buys outfits that accentuate her curves and make her feel sexy and attractive.
This is why you should have a nude moment every morning:

1. Love yourself more
The first step to elevating self love is to see YOU. Your nudity is the outer intimate part of you that reflects how you feel about yourself on the inside. When you love every inch of your body, you feel good and and you'll have a positive attitude towards yourself.

2. Elevated self confidence
Embracing your spirit's cover is the first step to building self-confidence.
When you constantly check out your naked body, you start working on making it better and more attractive. You start speaking well and confidently about yourself; dress it appropriately and walk with a spring.

3. Feel attractive and sexy
Attractiveness is a result of a deep personal relationship with your entire outer and inner self.
Sexiness is about presentation. Not to be confused with skimpy or ratchet. It's about adorning your curves with what makes you comfortable and confident. After all... wouldn't it be great to receive compliments from your type of suitors? πŸ˜‰
Nude moments lead you to start dressing your beautiful body appropriately, ensure that it's always smelling good and looking good in public even when you're just going to the shop! 😊


4. Self care
Just like Tori, you start taking care of your skin to ensure that it's always glowing, start doing those situps or neighbourhood jogs you've been postponing 😊.
Speaking well and gently to yourself is an essential part of self care because that will mean no more harsh self criticism or negative talk.

5. Enjoy sex
Oh yes, when you feel attractive, sexy, have self confidence and take good care of yourself you'll understand your body's pleasure points.
Self love and high self esteem are the best recipes for great sex.

6. Positive body image towards others
We treat and perceive people based on how we perceive ourselves.
We tend to project how we feel about ourselves onto others.
When we love ourselves, we tend to see the beauty in others and spend most of the time complimenting them.
Besides.. The Bible clearly states.. "Love your neighbor as you love thyself."

So girl... Get your nude moment on! It's part of self care! 😊

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